We turn your dream wedding dance into reality!

The Classic

Elegant, romantic and dreamy expression of how much you mean to each other.  The Classic is a graceful way to highlight your beautiful wedding celebration.  Your favorite song will create the right atmosphere for your wedding dance with effortless and captivating choreography setting the mood.  Recommended  3 - 6 classes.

The Surprise Dance

Sweetly roaring and flamboyant.  Amaze your guests as your performance switches pace and style.  Your two favorite songs blended together to create that unforgettable moment of surprise.  Recommended  6 - 12 classes.

The Entertainer

This glamorous sensation is the perfect extravaganza to tell your love story.  The Entertainer combines sweet memories and future aspirations into an unforgettable dance act.  Using a blend of tracks, costumes and props to create the performance of a lifetime.  Recommended  12 - 15 classes.

The Themed Wedding Dance

Bold yet cool, feel a little outrageous?  Why not choose the favorite song from your number one movie or maybe perform your own personal version of an iconic dance scene.  The music from the movie Ghost, Mr. & Mrs. Smith's argentine tango routine or the final spectacle of Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing!  Whatever your themed wedding dance idea may be, we make it possible.  Recommended  9 - 15 classes.

Parent's Dance (Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance)

Elegant, delightful yet full of emotion, this charming Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dance is a magnificent way to show the unconditional love of a parent to a child.  Recommended  3 - 9 classes.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Show Dance

A gift, a showcase, a dance parade of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.  A funny dance performance, or a romantic and adorable burlesque makes for a spectacular show combining lights and smoke effects.  A surprise the newlyweds remember as one of their favorite highlights of the wedding night.  Recommended  6 - 12 classes.

The Last Minute

Don't panic, we've got your back.  The Last Minute takes the lead!  Our simple and manageable, though impressive dance moves, will let you look fantastic.  We will not just save your wedding, but you will perform a marvelous first dance that every guest will admire.  Recommended  1 - 6 classes.

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