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About You

You're getting married soon and you wish your Wedding Dance to be the most beautiful and intimate part of your wedding reception.  But of course!  It is a celebration of your love!  Imagine dancing to your most cherished song, that signifies the first time you met, your first date, or even shared your first kiss.  A dream come true feeling and the unforgettable memories that stay with you forever.

A bout Us

A perfect blend of choreographic creativity and teaching wizardry.  Our team members come from different corners around the world, with diverse dance styles, many hours of dance training as well as teaching experience.  Each of our choreographers are dedicated to turn your dream Wedding Dance into reality.

About the Owner

Daniel was born in Czechoslovakia and lived in numerous countries, namely Switzerland, Russia, Germany and Italy.  He speaks six languages. His dance credentials started with 5th place as an 11 year old at his first competition from over 50 international couples.  Dancing as an adult in Zurichs National Theatre, he was 4 times Swiss Champion.  Since moving to USA, semifinalist of the World Professional 10 Dance Championship.   Throughout his 20+ years of competing and coaching students around the world, he has created several national champions of his own in different categories.

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